BIN Checker


* The BIN number is the first 6 digits on a credit card, and is used to identify a few things. It tells the checker where the card was issued and by what bank. BIN Checker can save hundreds of dollars by stopping a fraudulent credit card transaction before its begun.

** LUHN algorithm will be checked. The result will be shown on the second column.

*** Up to 10 bins per check or search.


BIN Checker Brings Best Solution to Prevent Online Fraud

Modern world has given access to many new paths that has globalize the commercial realm to success. Though it has opened the door of business but it also increases the liabilities as well and this would bring up the way of fraud and scam. In this concern, you may have studied and heard about the fraud of credit card, which is the burning topic amongst consumers, the credit card firms and the merchants. If any fraudulent takes place, it can undoubtedly bring up major impact on the victim. Thus, in order to diminish the risks of fraud and even alleviate the same, today, you can turn to a bin checker.

BIN, which is abbreviated as Bank Identification Numbers the initial four to six digits of the credit, debit, or the prepaid card. It is the unique number that does not matches with any other card. To reduce the fraud of this credit card, companies can use a bin checker in order to cross check the details that are available in the database of the bin to ensure that the card is authentic.
By using the BIN lookup service or the BIN database, you can easily prevent the charge backs and the fraudulent transactions and bring up more time to focus on the customer service. Fraud or scam of the plastic card is described as one of the leading causes of the charge backs. To look at the fraud screening, you can use bin checker pro or bindb, which would also allow you to test the charge back prevention.

Beside the mentioned tactics, there are also different tools that can be used to check and identify whether you are the authentic purchaser and the legitimate cardholder who is paying the money.

A bin number checker is developed in such a manner that is brings the user-friendly, accurate, cost-effective method of eliminating the potential risks of fraudulent activity. Thus, credit card fraud is scam that can eventually hurt you if you are running a business. Therefore to use the bin checker tool would be the wise option to protect your account from the unseen enemy. This tool can also discover the vulnerable and identify strategies to lower risk of day to day transactions.

By using the bin database or the bin checker pro, thousands of online stores have expressed their positive impact and even found it to be the great way to eliminate the high risk of fraudulent activity.

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